Microbótica applies technologies proposed by the fields of Agile methodologies, Free Software techniques and Artificial Intelligence to provide platforms for the development of products, breaking traditional paradigms and reaching levels of efficiency and satisfaction so far unknown.


    • Being able to explore different solutions within the agreed time frame
    • Getting there without having covered all bases
    • Satisfying diverse and often contradictory user expectations
    • Having something up and running quickly and shortly
    • Documenting enough and clear
    • Enabling a multidisciplinary group of people to work together as a team
    • Making sure that decision-making is based on informed choices
    • Understanding and creating teams
    • Making sure you are not reinventing the wheel
    • Making sure you are using the right tools
    • Making sure you are not wasting time on superfluous things
    • Making sure a Human doesn't do things that a Machine can do better
    • Making sure you can change with less pain
    • Making sure you have assistants when you need them
    • Showing and understanding your progress in real-time